Linsley was the least of the Packers' issues

SEATTLE -- The noise from the boisterous crowd at CenturyLink Stadium did not bother Green Bay Packers rookie center Corey Linsley, and neither did Bruce Irvin or any of the other Seahawks defenders.

The way it turned out, Linsley was the least of the Packers' troubles in their 36-16 loss on Thursday night.

Even Irvin, who earlier in the week said he would pray for Linsley because "it's going to be a long night, man," came away impressed by how well the fifth-round draft pick from Ohio State performed under difficult circumstances.

"He actually played a good game," Irvin said. "Even [Seattle defensive tackle Brandon] Mebane said he played well. So I take my hat off to him."

But for one miscommunication with Aaron Rodgers, who fortunately called a timeout just before Linsley prematurely snapped the ball, things ran smoothly between the two who had never worked together in a game before Thursday night. Rodgers lit into Linsley for his mistake, and the rookie understood.

"Obviously, he got on me like a leader should," Linsley said. "And I think that was our only one."

The Packers were not flagged for a single false-start penalty, which is a remarkable feat in one of the NFL's loudest stadiums.

"Corey did a great job," Rodgers said. "He did a really good job of protection. I thought the protection was really good inside and snaps were solid. He's learning. This is his first start, he’s a rookie, but I thought he held his own well. I think he can do a good job for us."

ESPN Seahawks reporter Terry Blount contributed to this report.