Dominic Smith swings away

One of the youngest players at this year’ Area Code Baseball Games, 2013 graduate, Dominic Smith played to the level of his older competition. Built like a linebacker at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, Smith is as strong and physical as his appearance suggests.

Swinging from the left side his true raw power, scary enough, is still developing. He puts natural loft and backspin on the ball, which is hard to find at the amateur level.

In his swing he starts with an open stance with his feet close together then starts his load by swaying his weight onto his back foot. As he is set in his load position, he has a mild leg kick while he shifting his weight onto the front side then releases his raw power. He has a very smooth stroke and stays well balanced. His approach at the plate is advanced for his level.

In the field he currently plays first base and outfield. He has a solid arm from the outfield, but his release is long and delayed and will need a bit of refinement. The only knock about him playing first is that his arm will not be utilized, so that speaks to the strength of his canon. At the bag he is a solid defender and profiles as your typical power swinging corner infielder.