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Final sales pitches for McGary

November, 2, 2011
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As the country waits to hear Mitch McGary announce where he’s decided to play college ball, recruits who are committed to his final three schools – Michigan, Duke and Florida – have decided to take one last stab at selling McGary on their future schools.

Makes sense since McGary told ESPNHS that, contrary to popular belief, he’s still undecided.

Here are the sales pitches:
Scott Kurtz/ESPNHSDuke recruit Rasheed Sulaimon thinks the Blue Devils are a no-brainer for Mitch McGary.
“Join the Evil Empire.”
Rasheed Sulaimon
, Strake Jesuit (Houston), 2012, SG
Committed to: Duke
“Mitch, you definitely need to be a Blue Devil because you're absolutely a Duke player. You fit into our style really well and with the guys we’ll have coming in we’ll be able to accomplish some really big things. I think we can win a national championship our freshman year with all of the talent that we’ll have on the team and compete for multiple titles after that. Also, Mitch, it doesn’t get better than playing for Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski). He’s the USA Basketball coach and he’s linked to every great basketball player in the NBA. Plus he’s about to be the all-time winningest coach in college basketball history. Who else can say that? Why wouldn’t you want to play for the best coach and the best program? Plus, the social life at Duke is great. We’ve got the most dedicated fans in the world. What are you waiting for?”

“Bring the Wolverines back to the Fab Five days.”
Glenn Robinson III
, Lake Central (St. John, Ind.), 2012, SF
Committed to: Michigan
“Mitch, please come to Michigan man. We’ve been playing together for years in AAU and we’ve combined to do big things on that level. I know we’ll only continue it in college. We’ll have a top five recruiting class and we’ll bring Michigan back to the Fab Five days. We’ll change the whole program around and bring them back to national title contenders if you come. Plus, Michigan is one of the most fun campuses in the country. All of the students are so supportive of the basketball program. All of the students know everything about you. You’ll get so much more attention here. We’ve got a great academic reputation, of course, and we’ve got some of the best looking girls in the country. Everything that you want and need is here at Michigan.”

“No-brainer to be a Gator.”
Braxton Ogbueze
, United Faith Christian Academy (Charlotte, N.C.), 2012, PG
Committed to: Florida
“Mitch, Florida is where you need to be because it’s a great fit for you. Coach (Billy) Donovan is the best coach that you can possibly be coached by. He knows how to work his guards and big men together perfectly and there’s no better place than Florida. Think about it, millions of people come to Florida every year for vacation so why wouldn’t you want to spend your college career here? It would be a smart decision to come here because you’ll get better and you’ll win and you’ll be in a great location around great people. Then you’ve got the great weather and the young ladies here are beautiful. Second to none.”

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Ogbueze will stay put

September, 27, 2011
ESPNHS - North Carolina

Just over a week ago, United Faith Center Academy (Charlotte, N.C.) point guard Braxton Ogbueze learned “out of nowhere” that he’d be suiting up for a new coach for his final high school season.

Former NBA star point guard Muggsy Bogues replaced Shaun Wiseman on Sept. 20. Wiseman, whose career record was 254-42, reportedly stepped down to spend more time with his family.

Despite Ogbueze’s insistence that he was “excited” to learn from Bogues, rumors began to swirl that Ogbueze had indeed bolted for Montrose Christian (Rockville, Md.), last year’s ESPNHS National High School Invitational champion.

That claim, according to Ogbueze’s father Godwin, is “100 percent false.”

“We’ve heard all of the stuff about us going to Montrose, but Braxton isn’t going anywhere,” Godwin said. “We were told that Montrose would love to have him, but Braxton really looked at this as an opportunity to grow as a leader.

"He’s happy where he’s at and he really wants to see how far he can lead this team. Braxton will definitely be playing at United Faith this year.”

The Falcons finished 27-7 last season and fell in the state title game to Trinity Catholic, 57-49. Ogbueze averaged 17 points, seven assists and five rebounds.

Jason Jordan is the basketball editor for ESPNHS. He can be reached at jason.x.jordan.-ND@espn.com. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter: @JayJayESPN

Ogbueze ready for professional tutelage

September, 20, 2011
ESPNHS - North Carolina

Former NBA star point guard Muggsy Bogues will officially be introduced as head coach at United Faith Christian Academy (Charlotte, N.C.) today at a parent/faculty meeting at the school, according to Falcons’ point guard Braxton Ogbueze.

Bogues replaces Shaun Wiseman, who led the Falcons to two state titles in 2009 and 2010. Wiseman, whose career record is 254-42, reportedly stepped down to spend more time with his family.

“I only learned about Coach Bogues taking over on Monday,” said Ogbueze, a Florida commit who is ranked No. 35 in the ESPNU 100. “I can’t lie; I was definitely shocked that I was getting a new coach in my last year.”

Bogues was an assistant to Wiseman during the Falcons’ first state title in 2009. He played with the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors before retiring in 2001 following the death of his mother.

“He’s been where I’m trying to get,” Ogbueze said of Bogues. “We’ve got a lot of similarities. He was a small point guard who overcame his size (5-foot-3) and had a great career in the NBA, and people tell me that I’m too small at 6-feet. I know that I’ll learn a lot from him this year. It’s exciting.”

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