ODP Interregional summaries, Friday

December, 9, 2011
The annual US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Boys NCAA Interregional kicked off Friday with the 1994 and 1995 age groups at Rathmell Sports Park in Vestavia, Ala.

The following are match summaries:

1994 Age Group

Region II 2, Region I 1
Goal Scorers: Region II -
Armando Hipolito, Kansas (71st), Daniel Szczepanek, Illinois (80th). Region I - Thomas Trupo, West Virginia (10th).

Region IV 5, Region III 4
Goal Scorers: Region IV -
Jaime Velasco, Oregon (2nd and 5th), Aaron Caprio, Utah (67th), Matt Arbogast, Oregon (73rd), Peter Puertas, Utah (89th). Region III - Will Cross, Tennessee (20th), Connor Fleming, Florida (24th and 60th), Raul Gonzalez, Mississippi (36nd).

1995 Age Group

Region IV 2, Region III 2
Goal Scorers: Region IV -
Matthew Coffey, Utah (62nd), Christopher Chertude, Oregon (69th). Region III - Robert Carson, Arkansas (35th), Jackson Boonstra, Tennessee (38th).

Region II 4, Region I
Goal Scorers: Region II -
Kaelon Fox, Kentucky (40th), Brock Fitzgerald, Nebraska (58th), Mohamed Youssef, Minnesota (60th and 65th). Region I - Peter Pearson, Virginia (61st).



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