High-SchoolCalifornia: Dom Nunez

California high school baseballSilva Family/ESPNHSClovis West senior Scott Silva makes play at Oakland Coliseum.
We have begun the process toward selection of the 2012 all-state teams, which will continue a tradition begun in 1980. More than 250 players on first list.

It always takes longer for the Cal-Hi Sports all-state teams to get selected because input from the coaches, parents and others is sought.

The list that follows is only a starting point. If a player is not included, don’t take it personally. We may post an updated nomination list prior to choosing the actual teams and we may continue to add players as they come in.

You can send a nomination with each athlete’s, position, year in school, significant statistics. Comparing a player not on the board yet to one who already is can be very important toward eventual selection. Limit each nomination to one page please. Send to: Mark.Tennis@espn.com or FAX (209) 463-1219 or call (209) 463-9050.

Here are the nominations currently on our board for the various 2012 all-state baseball teams:

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