Athlete spotlight: Julie Macedo

September, 29, 2011
Julie Macedo of Charter School of Wilmington (Wilmington, Del.) has already set two course records this season in cross country.

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Ginny MacedoJulie Macedo of Charter School of Wilmington (Wilmington, Del.) is setting cross country course records months after suffering a broken leg.
And that's not the impressive part.

The senior is putting up the attention-grabbing performances just months after suffering a broken leg that derailed her promising spring track season.

“It’s still kind of a mystery (how it happened),” she said. “I limped off the track. It hurt really bad. I had to stop.”

An MRI and X-ray at the doctor's office revealed a complete break of the fibula. She didn't require surgery, but wore a walking boot for six weeks.

Remarkably, Macedo found a silver lining.

“Injuries can be blessings in disguise,” Macedo said. “They teach you how to take care of yourself better. You have to use it as a learning experience.”

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