Rose renovates hometown playground

Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose returned to his old neighborhood of Englewood on Tuesday to help renovate Murray Park, the playground where he balled as an elementary schooler. As this ESPNChicago story details, the Derrick Rose Renovation Project "resurfaced, repainted and expanded the old basketball court, replaced old backboards with new ones, installed padded goal posts and aluminum benches, and injected a feel-good vibe to one of the city's most violent and economically challenged areas."

From the ESPNChicago story:

It put smiles on the faces of children, brought many from the neighborhood together, as hundreds lined the perimeter fencing at the 82-year-old park, and put Rose in a time warp, bringing him back to his not-too-distant childhood days that were dotted with late night basketball, picnics, barbecues and more basketball at Murray Park.

"This is the only thing in our neighborhood that keeps us together," Rose said.

Rose, the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player, also talked to ESPNChicago about the ongoing NBA lockout and whether he would consider playing overseas.

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