POWERADE hoops rankings: Muncie Central back to No. 2

Hamilton SE remains at No. 1 in this week's POWERADE state rankings, as the Royals took care of business without much of a problem. The rest of the Top 10 wasn't so lucky.

The No. 2 and 3 teams from last week both suffered defeats, allowing Muncie Central (10-1) to jump back up to the second spot. Muncie Central was No. 1 as recently as two weeks ago, but a head-to-head loss to Hamilton SE dropped them down the rankings.

There is one new team in the rankings this week, as Broad Ripple pops into the No. 9 spot. Lawrence Central, No. 8 a week ago, drops out after losing to North Central.

POWERADE State Basketball Rankings

  1. Hamilton SE (11-2) — Last week: No. 1

  2. Muncie Central (10-1) — Last week: No. 4

  3. Warren CEntral (8-2) — Last week: No. 6

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