Post-Thanksgiving football rankings

While Thanksgiving produced some great rivalry games across Massachusetts, it produced few noteworthy upsets in the POWERADE state rankings. The only Top 10 team to lose was Catholic Memorial, which dropped a 13-0 decision to No. 3 BC High. And that could hardly be considered an upset, as CM was ranked No. 8 at the time (the Knights have dropped to No. 10 this week).

With the playoffs set to open tomorrow, these will serve as the final regular season rankings of 2011. The final rankings will be released after the Super Bowls.

Final regular season POWERADE state rankings

  1. Everett (11-0) — Defeated Cambridge 48-8 (last week: No. 1)

  2. Duxbury (11-0) — Defeated Marshfield, 33-6 (last week: No. 2)

  3. BC High (8-3) — Defeated Catholic Memorial, 13-0 (last week: No. 3)

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