Should players be allowed to celebrate a Super Bowl championship?

That's the debate today, as one of the crazier stories to emerge from this past weekend's Super Bowls is starting to gain momentum in the national media.

The controversy centers on Cathedral senior quarterback Matt Owens, who appeared to score the game-winning touchdown in the fourth quarter of the EMass Division 4 Super Bowl. Owens broke free for an apparent 56-yard TD run with about six minutes left, but once he broke into the clear around the 25 yard line, he briefly raised his left arm in celebration (check out the video above).

That act of premature celebration technically violated MIAA rules, and the officials flagged Owens for a personal foul. The TD didn't count, and Cathedral ended up not scoring on the drive. Blue Hills held on for a 16-14 win.

Was the call correct? I guess so. But does anyone benefit from the rule being enforced so strictly? The entire Cathedral program feels like they were lawyered out of the school's first Super Bowl title. And I doubt the Blue Hills program feels much better. I'm sure every Blue Hills player wanted the chance to win the title on the field, not have it handed to them undeservedly on a technicality.

It's like there really was no winner.

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