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Twinterview with K'Hadree Hooker

September, 8, 2011
On K'Hadree Hooker's Facebook page, it says his place of employment is "on the football field." Trust me, the South Lenoir star isn't lying.

Fresh off a junior campaign of 79 tackles and seven sacks, the senior defensive lineman has continued to wreak havoc on the football field this season for the 2-1 Blue Devils. Hooker joined me for a "Twinterview" (an interview in the format of a Twitter conversation) this week to discuss the season, his commitment to N.C. State, meeting up with Mario Williams and his unique pre-game ritual.

@bighook74 How do you feel your team is doing so far this year?
@brandoncparker In my opinion, I think we're doing pretty good. We've got a young team, but we work hard and I think we're going to surprise a lot of people.

@bighook74 What would you say has made you so successful in football?
@brandoncparker I study film a lot. Also, I played fullback as a freshman and played basketball up until this year, so that helped with my quickness off the line. I still want to get better at my pass rushing, though.

@bighook74 So how'd you go from fullback to playing on the defensive line?
@brandoncparker I came in at about 230 pounds and after my freshman year, my coach said he needed a lineman and moving there would be my best chance to play at the next level. So I put on about 50 pounds just getting in the weight room and eating right.

@bighook74 Of course, you committed to N.C. State recently, but before then, what was the recruiting process like?
@brandoncparker It picked up my sophomore year and it really got out of control in my junior year. It was wild, but a good experience. I got handwritten letters and cards in the mail from coaches wanting me to come visit. I got about 20 letters in the mail every day for a good while.

@bighook74 On Facebook, I saw a picture of you in an Auburn jersey standing next to the BCS championship trophy. What was it like to see that?
@brandoncparker Oh man, that was an awesome experience. It makes you want to get one so bad. I remember telling my mom after that that I had to get that trophy.

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