The Chop Chop: Marshall Williams

By now, hopefully you've all had a chance to check out my feature on the interesting journey of Flower Mound quarterback Marshall Williams. If not, do yourself (and me) a favor by reading about his trek from the next great gunslinger to wide receiver to QB 1.

Additionally, this blog post will mark the start of a new element called "The Chop Chop." In most of the stories we write for the ESPNHS magazine or website, there's often material we can't fit in and instead gets left on what we call the cutting room floor — hence, the "chop chop" name. So since the Internet has unlimited space (or so they say), I figured this is a way to let you guys see some of those golden quotes and anecdotes that don't make it into print. So here we go....

On the approach of Flower Mound's high-powered offense: "Our goal is to score every single drive. Not a field goal, but a touchdown. We expect six points every time. If we come off the field and punt, we're pissed."

On if "Friday Night Lights" is a valid depiction of Texas high school football: "Definitely. When you win, it's great and people are happy. But if you lose, you're the bad guy and not many people like you that week. It's intense, but that's what makes it great. I love being in Texas and playing in this atmosphere."

On which character in the TV show or movie that he most resembles: "I would probably say I'm like the quarterback [Mike Winchell] from the movie. Like me, he's trying to prove himself and play in college, but he doesn't have much time to do it, so there's a lot of weight on his shoulders. That's pretty much like me. I'm not coming into this season with 10 offers, so I've got to prove it all in my senior year."

On who he looks up to in the NFL: "The two guys I watch are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Just their leadership skills are amazing. Manning is known for watching hours of film and always being prepared. And when Brady headbutts all five of his offensive lineman before every game, that even gets me pumped up watching that."

On his goals for this season: "I don't really care about my stats as much as our team goals. As a team, we want to do well in district play, win enough games to get to the playoffs and get a win because our school has never won a playoff game in its (12) years. Individually, if there was anything, I guess I'd say do something crazy like throwing for 5,000 yards or 50-plus touchdowns. Something crazy like that."

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