High-SchoolWashington: Notre Dame

Wash OL DuoPhoto By: Tom Hauck/ESPNHSZach Banner (left) and Joshua Garnett have close to 100 combined BCS offers.

It’s been a while but we’re back with The Cutting Room Floor, offering you some of the nuggets that didn’t make the ESPNHS Washington September cover story on Joshua Garnett and Zach Banner. We previously gave you Zach’s outtakes, so now it’s Joshua’s turn to dish about a wide range of topics, including his mom’s appearance on Soul Train, dancing like Bernie and being Puyallup’s “Priest.”

On his desire to play in the Under Armour All-American Game — I saw a video of No. 1 recruit Mario Edwards, and I said I want to play against him. He’s one of the guys who's playing in that game. Going at him would be great as well as just playing in the game.

On his NFL comparison — I’m kind of like Jake Long and Dwight Freeney if you put those guys together. I’m fast and have quickness like Dwight. Zach is more of a Walter Jones type of gut.

On his workouts — I do about an hour of lifting and an hour of running. My lifting consists of a lot of power cleans and back squats. Sometimes I do some different stuff. Zach does a lot of stuff for hip flexibility, but I do more body work. I try to improve my flexibility as much as I can.

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