Uni Watch isn't fond of the Texans' uniforms


Paul Lukas, ESPN's resident despot of uniform rankings, isn't terribly fond of the Texans' uniforms.

The Uni Watch, a panel of one, produced its uniform power rankings, establishing his biases first. He's a fan of the classics, he loves striped socks and he hates wacky uniform gimmicks.

Here's what he said about the Texans:

  • 22. Houston Texans (+1)

    Here we have the league's most frustratingly generic-looking team. True, they don't present much that's worth hating (well, except maybe that comically oversized collar), but they also don't have much that's worth praising. Year after year, they just look like TGIFootball Team -- no visual character, no pizzazz, nothing to hang your hat on. Some sort of overhaul has got to be in the works, no?

I agree on the point that the uniforms are a bit uninspiring, but they aren't offensive and that's led to me not giving much thought to them at all. The trouble for Houston is that the Texans are too new of a team to have a truly classic look, but the tenor of the franchise is traditional enough that fun uniform gimmicks (yes, I love fun uniform gimmicks) would seem out of character.

What say you?