RTC: On the audible issue

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Lots more Matt Schaub talk today, starting with this notebook which includes the Houston Chronicle's John McClain spending some time explaining how the Texans handle allowing Schaub to audible. During yesterday's Gary Kubiak news conference, I asked the coach if Schaub had the freedom to audible out of the play that resulted in his most recent pick-six. Kubiak said no. McClain contends that this caused confusion (to which I would disagree as Kubiak was clear Schaub could not change that particular play) but he goes on to explain that there are times when Schaub can check out of plays, and he did that Sunday.

Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press tears apart Schaub's performance on Sunday focusing on what he considered to be plays that drove fans crazy. In his column, he seeks to explain why Texans fans burned his jersey.

Another review of Sunday's game, but this one focuses in places other than the quarterback. Patrick D. Starr of StateoftheTexans.com breaks down a second half in which the Texans did not score any points.

Kubiak disagreed with the unnecessary roughness penalty on Kareem Jackson that cost the Texans 15 yards, writes Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com. That play got the Seahawks into field goal range in overtime and led to the game-winning kick.