RTC: NFL.com puts Kubiak on hot seat

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

NFL.com's Adam Schein puts Texans coach Gary Kubiak firmly on the hot seat. Schein details Kubiak's career and for what he believes the coach should have to answer. Smith examines the discrepancies between the Texans' talent and their record.

Missed this one yesterday, but here is Vandermeer's View on where things stand for the Houston Texans. Marc Vandermeer, the voice of the Texans, wrote it for HoustonTexans.com after Sunday's game and began with this line: "This one might leave a mark."

I am only linking this story, by Howard Chen of CSNHouston.com, to say NO. Vince Young is not the answer, people. He is not. He. Is. Not. He is interested. He is not the answer.

Patrick D. Starr of StateoftheTexans.com goes through all that went wrong in the Texans' 38-13 loss to the St. Louis Rams. I found informative the list of mistakes the Texans made throughout the game.

The Texans season has begun in disappointing fashion, writes Kristie Rieken of the Associated Press. A look at all that's gone wrong.