Texans owner: J.J. Watt gets held on every play

HOUSTON -- Two New Orleans Saints grabbed onto J.J. Watt, clinging to his jersey as he tried to get by them during the Houston Texans' 24-6 win on Sunday.

There was no call on the play, but afterward Watt walked over to the official to plead his case. It doesn't usually work, and his owner notices.

"The only way they can avoid him getting a sack is by holding him, they just don't call it every time," Texans owner Bob McNair said. "I mean, if you watch it, they are literally holding him every play. He is just that kind of player, he is so disruptive and plays so hard it turns everybody else on."

The Saints tried, but Watt still notched two sacks and forced quarterback Drew Brees into an intentional grounding.

On one sack, the Saints moved their left tackle outside their right tackle, to give extra help on that side, but Watt beat them anyway. On another he beat the Saints' rookie left guard. He beat their right tackle on the intentional-grounding play.

"You have to have the physical skills to be able to do your job, but then you also have to have the mental aspect to where you know how to attack and what they're going to try to do to attack you, and then it goes throughout the course of the game," Watt said. "Teams try and change things throughout the course of the game, whether it's add blockers, whether it's changing the scheme. You have to always, constantly be on your toes because they're always going to give you something new. They do different things to try and offset what you're doing, so it's a constant chess match."