RTC: Tips for underperforming teams

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

If you missed it on our site yesterday, Herm Edwards offers his thoughts on how things can turn around for the most under-performing teams in the NFL in this Insider piece. On the Texans, Edwards points to the amount of talent the team has as a way outInsider.

Dave Dameshek of NFL.com goes on a rant about the fans who cheered Matt Schaub's injury. Most entertaining is when he shows a picture of Brian Cushing with blood streaming down his face and notes that guy thinks it was barbaric.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle says the Texans should play Case Keenum to energize the team. It seems like McClain is advocating Keenum over Schaub even if Schaub is healthy enough to play. He makes the solid point that playing a hampered quarterback against a tremendously awesome (my wording, not his) Chiefs' pass rush won't be a good idea.

The counterpoint to starting Keenum comes in the latter part of this seemingly cathartic post by Texans' fan Stephanie Stradley, who writes for the Houston Chronicle. You'll also find her historical perspective on why Kubiak isn't likely to be fired, but she adds that she lacks "near-term" optimism about the Texans no matter who is coaching. Also in here: how did those people with the bags over their heads skirt the bag policy?