Brian Cushing delighted with Broncos' Super Bowl win -- kind of

HOUSTON -- Twice he said he wished it could have been Houston, but if it wasn't, Texans linebacker Brian Cushing was glad that Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips won this year's Super Bowl.

"Oh man, that was awesome," said Cushing, while speaking at a charity event benefiting Dec My Room, a charity that helps personalize hospital rooms for patients with lengthy stays. The event was arranged by Hannah McNair, the wife of Texans' COO Cal McNair. "If anyone but us was to win it, definitely him. The coaching staff that brought me in and drafted me and taught me a lot of things. ... The first thing [people] say is how good of a guy and man and coach he is. Wade, coach Kollar, Reggie."

Bill Kollar was the Houston Texans' defensive line coach and then joined the Denver Broncos staff when Kubiak became the head coach. Phillips was the Texans' defensive coordinator and was unemployed for a year before Kubiak hired him. Reggie Herring coached the Texans' linebackers under Kubiak and Phillips.

It was Phillips' first Super Bowl title, at age 68. Cushing didn't realize it was Phillips' first Super Bowl victory until recently. He just assumed the accomplished coach had won one.

"They’re both like father figures," he said of Phillips and Kubiak. "They just have such a cool aura. They’re both, especially Wade, relaxing people. He's not a big yeller. You just enjoyed your time with him. Both are excellent coaches. The opportunity to play for him and the experience to be around them was really cool."