RTC: Tim Dobbins released

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Things are going to get hairy in the RTC as the Texans head into their bye week. Yesterday was the last day of Texans' availability until next week when the players return from their bye week.

But first...

Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle takes a look at the Texans' inside linebacker situation now that they've released inside linebacker Tim Dobbins. The Texans waited for Dobbins to get healthy before releasing him. He's been nursing a hamstring injury he suffered against the Baltimore Ravens. Dobbins has been inactive with the injury since.

Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com says this seems like a peculiar time to release an inside linebacker, given how thin the Texans are at the position.

Sean Pendergast makes his case of why Case Keenum should start again for the Houston Texans. He begins with a quote from Gary Kubiak in which Kubiak calls Matt Schaub the Texans' starting quarterback, but leaves room for evaluation. Then he continues like so: "For grins, let's start at a place where we actually take Gary Kubiak at face value in what he's saying above. Let's assume that Case Keenum's 271 yard, catastrophic mistake free performance in Kansas City on Sunday left Kubiak unmoved, and that Matt Schaub's error laden, plodding style is 'exactly what this team needs.' Let's assume that Gary Kubiak is perfectly comfortable with Texan fans booing their own starting quarterback out of the building in two weeks, and that he's moderately intrigued by what Reliant Stadium would smell like if it were burned to the ground."

Circling back to game coverage I missed on Sunday, here are five takeaways from Sunday's game in Kansas City from Dave Skretta of the Associated Press.