RTC: Kubiak back to what he loves

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Things didn't get better with his team in his absence, but Texans coach Gary Kubiak is looking forward to all the details of returning to his job, writes Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle. He'll be kept on a short leash by his doctors and his wife, at first.

Kristie Rieken of The Associated Press writes that Kubiak can't wait to coach a game again. Defensive end J.J. Watt thinks his return will give the Texans a lift.

By Wednesday, Ed Reed's locker was cleaned out and redistributed to Jawanza Starling, an undrafted rookie safety who signed on Wednesday, writes Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com. He recounts player reactions to Reed's dismissal.

Inside linebacker Joe Mays and cornerback Kareem Jackson didn't practice on Wednesday, writes Paul Gallant of SportsRadio 610. Meanwhile, Wednesday marked the first day since Sunday that the Texans actually acknowledged that Arian Foster was going to have back surgery. That he's having the surgery today in Los Angeles has been known since Sunday, but Kubiak finally confirmed it yesterday.

Chris Baldwin of Houston Culture Map writes that Ed Reed's release makes the Texans look petty.