Gary Kubiak stresses close losses

HOUSTON -- Twice during his news conference on Monday, Texans coach Gary Kubiak stressed the closeness of the Texans' last five losses.

First it was in discussing quarterback Case Keenum's season.

"He’s had his team in five football games that we’ve lost every one of them by less than a touchdown," Kubiak said. "He’s been in position but hasn’t had any success from winning."

The second time it was when asked if it's even more frustrating to be in this position given the battle for the wild-card spot is between teams that are 5-6.

"Yeah, extremely frustrating," he said. "Especially if you go back and look at some of the games we lost and some of the situations we've been in. Like I said, I don't know if I'm right, but I think it's five weeks in a row losing by less than a touchdown. You flip half of those and you're sitting here correcting mistakes and playing for opportunities to play in the playoffs."

His math is close: The Texans have lost the past five games by a touchdown or less. They lost to the Chiefs by one, the Colts and Cardinals by three each, the Raiders by five and the Jaguars by seven.

They have been close games, but each loss has been progressively more troubling. The margin of defeat has increased and the quality of opponent has decreased. Sunday's opponent, the Jaguars, has lost nine games this season, all by double-digit margins.

That could spell trouble for a matchup against a Patriots team that beat the Texans by 28 and 13 last season and visits Reliant Stadium on Sunday.