Texans mailbag: Handling Patriots' tempo

The New England Patriots don't go to their fast-paced offense all game, but when they do it they can catch an opponent off guard.

It happened last year with the Texans, when Houston's defense lost former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. He wound up alone and open by what seemed like miles and easily trotted into the end zone before a Texans defender arrived.

What's the key to not being bulldozed by the Patriots' tempo?

"Know your plan and be prepared," Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said. "You have to know exactly what you’re supposed to do and how you’re supposed to execute it. Obviously, that’s something that we’re ready for. And we’re practicing and making sure that everybody knows exactly where they’re supposed to be and how they’re supposed to play."

It isn't especially surprising that as we get into this week's mailbag, you readers want, again, to know more about the future than this week's game. The weekend's slate of college football games gave plenty of opportunity to examine quarterbacks who could be available for Houston, one with a very familiar name.

Onto your questions: