Texans make expected quarterback decision

HOUSTON -- Case Keenum improved and pushed T.J. Yates, but he didn't push him out of the backup quarterback spot.

Gary Kubiak made the unsurprising announcement on Thursday that the Texans would go into the regular season with Yates as their backup quarterback and Keenum as their third stringer. Throughout the season Yates outplayed an improved Keenum, who joined the Texans out of the University of Houston as an undrafted rookie last year.

What Keenum accomplished this preseason was forcing his way onto the roster. Not many teams are keeping three quarterbacks these days.

If the Texans are lucky, this decision won't matter much. Preseason is a time when backup quarterbacks get the exposure and most attention. If all goes well during the regular season, you don't really need them in games.