RTC: Andre Johnson a bright spot

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Texans receiver Andre Johnson didn't expect to go through another season like 2005, when the Texans went 2-14. Despite the Texans' struggles, Johnson has had another great season, writes Kristie Rieken of the Associated Press. As for the future? "You just have to wait and see what happens," Johnson said. "You don't necessarily know if it's going to be a rookie quarterback or a veteran guy. We don't even have a coach yet." Johnson showed his frustration once, when he walked off the field early against the Raiders. Some have written and said this season that they hope Johnson can be traded to a team where he has a chance to win. The problem with doing that, though, is there is never a guarantee the team you go to will be a winning one. After all, the Texans attracted free agents this past summer with the same hope.

After a practice in 2011, then-Patriots linebacker Jeff Tarpinian blacked out for 30 seconds. He needed brain surgery to heal what ailed him. He was officially listed on reports as having a "head" injury. Tarpinian, now a Texan, recounted his recovery with Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle.

T.D. Hill of FantasySharks.com, a USA Today property, lists the Texans' defense as part of a fantasy football all-bust team. The Texans' defense was ranked high in yards allowed all season, but fantasy football depends more on points allowed.