NFLN survey/franchise player: Texans

The search for the Houston Texans' next starting quarterback could take many forms. He could be a draft pick. He could be a veteran on the way from somewhere else. What's certain is that there isn't a more important decision for the franchise in the next few weeks.

It's why, when players around the league were asked to give their anonymous takes on which player they'd choose to build a franchise around, an overwhelming number selected quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning earned the most votes from his peers when they were asked to select their most respected NFL player. No surprise, then, that when asked which player they'd want to start a team around, Manning also won that vote.

This one was closer.

While Manning took 19.3 percent with 62 votes, 56 players said they would choose the young Andrew Luck, Manning's successor in Indianapolis, for building a new franchise.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady notched 41 votes, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers got 40 and Saints quarterback Drew Brees got 11. Among the top five vote-getters, two were not quarterbacks: Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, who was also named one of the most feared players in the league, and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who received votes from 20 contrarians.

One Texans player received votes: defensive end J.J. Watt.

And the smattering of people who think the Texans would do well to trade for Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett aren't alone in having faith in him. Five players picked the 2011 third-round draft pick as the player around whom they'd want to build a franchise.