RTC: Considering Watt's future

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans (and other interesting bits) ...

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt received only two votes for defensive player of the year, a year after winning the award. He'll surely add that to his motivational arsenal. Chris Baldwin from Houston Culture Map ponders what Watt's future might hold.

Of course, today's a day with a dearth of Texans stories, so we'll switch gears a bit now and take a look at some Super Bowl coverage from Seattle's 43-8 rout of the Broncos.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle notes that Denver quarterback Peyton Manning has lost 12 playoff games, more than any quarterback in history. That raised questions about his legacy, which many still believe is secure.

Brendan Prunty of The Star Ledger caught up with Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and other Seahawks defensive players who shared Manning's tell. His eyes.

ESPN.com's Terry Blount writes that Manning was no match for the Seahawks' defense. From the other locker room, our Jeff Legwold writes that there were no excuses and the Broncos made none. "No rain. No snow. No wind," he begins, as he explains a stunned Denver team without answers.

Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin released an expletive-laced tirade before the Super Bowl began for his teammates to hear, angry about what people expected from the Seahawks, writes Eric Adelson of Yahoo! Sports. "There will be a lot of 'nobody saw this coming' talk in the coming days, but Baldwin did. He told teammates before the game that 'it doesn't have to be close.'"