10 interceptions: Keenum's first

The Texans 2013 season started with expectations of a third consecutive division title, playoff appearance and potentially a Super Bowl run.

It ended with a coach fired and the Texans with the top pick in the draft.

As the Texans continue their evaluations of this year's draft class, we'll continue our look at interceptions that shaped the past season. This project initially began as a look at 10 plays that defined the Texans' season, but quickly I realized most of them were interceptions.

And so, we continue with 10 interceptions that shaped the 2013 season today with:

8. Keenum's first

For a while, ball security was one of Case Keenum's best qualities. After the trauma of five straight weeks with a pick six thrown, Keenum didn't throw any interceptions against the Chiefs, Colts or Cardinals. It was a welcome respite for a team that hoped for a spark from Keenum after declaring him the starter.

Keenum's first interception came against the Raiders. Oakland linebacker Nick Roach broke Keenum's streak of 105 passes without an interception and the Raiders scored a touchdown on the next play.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak's handling of the quarterback situation wasn't great and contributed to his being fired a few weeks later. The mess began that day when Kubiak yanked Keenum from the game and returned to Matt Schaub. He thought the game was about to get too complicated for the first-year (not rookie, first-year) quarterback.