McClain switches to Clowney for the Texans

Mock drafts are an ever-changing beast. In the case of the Houston Chronicle's John McClain, this week's about-face was a big one.

After sending Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel to the Houston Texans in his first two drafts, his mock revealed today has the team selecting Jadeveon Clowney.

While I've never gotten the sense that the Texans are all that enamored with any of the quarterbacks -- in part because of statements made by both general manager Rick Smith and head coach Bill O'Brien -- McClain has vehemently insisted the Texans will take a quarterback with the top pick. The thought has crossed my mind that the team's comments could very well have been smokescreens.

When Houston signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, McClain wrote it was another sign that the Texans will take a quarterback with the top pick. Less than two weeks ago, while poking a little fun at himself for thinking the Texans would take Reggie Bush first overall in 2006, he reiterated his tendency toward a quarterback.

I texted McClain to ask for a couple lines about why he made the switch.

"Bortles started but was benched for Manziel, who was sacked by Clowney," he quipped. "I have 3 mocks left and I hope to get one right."

Chances are, he will!

Draft season is misinformation season. Some of what we reporters hear in our research is true. Some of it isn't. It's hard to separate what we know from what we think we know. It's best not to take mock drafts (or ourselves) too seriously.

And while there is a growing sentiment that Clowney will be the Texans' choice, consider this: Clowney is also the Texans' best chance at trading the first overall pick.