RTC: NFL executives split on Clowney

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

We've heard a lot of opinions about South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney's NFL future, but the opinions that matter most are those of NFL executives charged with forming their opinions on Clowney's worth. Albert Breer of NFL Network spoke to several on the condition of anonymity and their opinions were split on whether Clowney would be one of the greatest to play the game or a bust. Here's one: "Right now, today, he's a damn good NFL player, no matter what," a veteran NFC personnel executive said. "The kid could've started in the NFL his freshman year, the way he played. It's not that he doesn't have good tape. And if you hit on him, he's Reggie White. His God-given talent is better than 99 percent of the NFL. ... He's gonna be 275 to 285 pounds, and he moves like he's 250. If you hit on him, he changes the game."

A record 30 players will be at the NFL draft in New York this year, writes Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com. That means the Texans first pick will definitely be there and their second pick, the first of the second round, could very well be there, too.

The Houston Chronicle is in the midst of a position-by-position series leading up to the draft. Today, their Brian T. Smith reviews a very deep class of receivers, headlined by Clemon's Sammy Watkins. Yesterday, John McClain reviewed the running backs, noting that this year might be the second in a row that no running back is taken in the first round.