Countdown to the draft: 13 days

This time two weeks from now the Houston Texans will have introduced their first-round draft pick, whether that's the first overall pick or some later selection. We'll all be preparing for the second day of the draft and have some new things to discuss.

Until then, let's continue our countdown to the draft, which began with 15 days remaining. Fifteen, for the number of turnovers the Texans had in the first halves of games last season, 14 for Andre Johnson's team record catches in a game.

13. Years since the Texans announced the franchise's first head coach.

Houston is entering its third era if we denote eras by head coaches. The first began with Dom Capers, who came to Houston after a stint as the Jaguars' defensive coordinator. Capers, who had experience as the head coach of an expansion team, was introduced in January 2001.

That era began, as each Texans' era has, with a first overall pick. And it was the wrong one, as the Texans drafted quarterback David Carr, who never panned out.

Capers did have some influence on making that pick, but ultimately Carr was general manager Charley Casserly's choice. The impact of making the wrong selection with that pick affected both of them equally. Carr outlasted both men with the Texans, but only one more year.

Mario Williams was the Texans' next first overall pick. He also ushered in a brand new head coach and that head coach, Gary Kubiak, got almost twice as long as Capers did. It's no coincidence Kubiak presided over both a better top pick and a better quarterback, Matt Schaub, for whom general manager Rick Smith traded in 2007.

It highlights the importance of a quarterback and of not whiffing on that first overall pick. The pick will belong technically to Smith again this year, but he'll collaborate with his head coach, one hired 13 years after the first in franchise history.