Countdown to the Draft: 9 days

Single digits!

The number of days until this year's NFL draft is down to single-digits.

For each day, starting six days ago, we've written about a statistic that matches with the number of days remaining until the draft.

9. Derek Carr's ranking all-time among FBS quarterbacks in passing yards.

Stop throwing tomatoes at me.

I know, the Carr name is one that causes angst among Houston football fans. It would be tough for a lot of people to accept another Carr in Houston, and I'm not saying that's going to happen. In fact, I'd be cautious about adding him based on some of what I'm about to discuss -- and none of it has to do with his last name.

Carr threw for 5,082 yards (9th), threw 50 touchdowns (tie-4th) and had 5,199 total yards (8th). You do have to qualify this because other quarterbacks faced better defenses and because of the type of offense he ran at Fresno State.

ESPN Stats & Info examined Carr's numbers in advance of his appearance on "Gruden's QB Camp," which aired Monday evening. They noted his offense's heavy dependence on screen passes, and that he threw more last season than Teddy Bridgewater did in his entire three years at Louisville.

Perhaps more troubling is how he did against pressure. That element of a player's game in college can be telling for his future.

Per Stats & Info:

Although Carr rarely had to face pressure last season, he did not perform well against it. He completed less than 31 percent of his passes when hurried or knocked down and averaged 3.5 yards per attempt. Both are the worst among the top 10 draft-eligible FBS quarterbacks, according to Scouts Inc.

Carr's completion percentage was 59.9 percent against the blitz, 11.3 percentage points worse than when opponents did not blitz. He struggled to move the ball down field against extra pass rushers, averaging 6.8 yards per attempt. That is nearly a full yard less than any other top-10 quarterback.