Watt expects to raise $400,000 for charity

J.J. Watt filled the rosters for his charity softball game on a first-come, first-serve basis. This year, he actually had to turn down some teammates who wanted to play.

"It's unbelievable to see my teammates come out and support my charity and my softball game," Watt said Thursday during an event at which his mother, Connie, was honored by Pro-Vision, a charter middle and high school. "It's so cool to see them begin willing to give back with me. It's really an honor and it's a testament to the guys that we have and the type of guys that we have and their character."

Watt's softball game is a sold-out event (for the second year in a row) that takes place at the minor league baseball stadium, Constellation Field. He mentioned it at that event Thursday in the context of what his mother does for him. He's often talked about appreciating how is parents raised him. Now, one of the ways Connie Watt helps her son is by running his charity.

"When we set it up three or four years ago it was just my mom, myself and one of my buddies," Watt said. "We put together a plan for how we thought it would go. At this point I think we thought we would raise $100,000 total. I think we're almost, if not over a million already. Tomorrow at the softball game we should raise over $400,000 in one day.

"Just to see what we're able to do with that money, see the way it affects kids, the thank you letters you get from kids and the pictures from schools and videos, it's truly unbelievable. It's one of the coolest things."