Countdown to the Draft: 3 days

A voluntary minicamp begins tomorrow for the Houston Texans, and we'll finally get access from the team to players. None of Houston's voluntary conditioning practices came with media access and so far most of our conversations with the Texans have come from charity events held by various players.

This three-day practice is a pre-draft camp the Texans are authorized to have because they have a new coaching staff. Tuesday and Wednesday's are open to the media, while Thursday's is not because, of course, Thursday is that magical day you've dreamed would come for months.

Yup, only three more days until the 2014 NFL Draft.

And with three days left, we look at the number three.

3. Number of first-round picks the St. Louis Rams received for dropping four spots in the 2012 NFL draft.

St. Louis also got a second-round pick from Washington for agreeing to move down, then moved down even more to 14 for another second-round pick.

It would surprise me if the Texans could get this much for their pick, though they shouldn't move down if they can't get at least one future first-round pick. The value won't add up. While you can get a starter in the second round, having an extra first-round pick is invaluable.

Complicating the market this year are the varying opinions about Jadeveon Clowney, the player probably most likely to elicit a trade. What the Texans need is a team in win-now mode that thinks it's one pass-rusher away. That team won't worry about giving up an extra first-rounder. For that team, it will be worth the price.