RTC: What's in QB size and arm strength?

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Quarterbacks are judged by many parameters and Paul Gallant of SportsRadio610 takes a look at two of them in this story. Arm strength and size. He pores through quarterbacks and their scouting reports to produce this smart assessment of the traits. Do big, big-armed quarterbacks have more success than the rest in the NFL? No. Not at all. The list includes some solid players, but beyond that it is kind of terrifying.

If you have ever read my recap of a Sean Pendergast post from the Houston Press, you'll know I love his work. It's funny. This one, in homage of Johnny Manziel, is also funny. I liked this line: "My prediction (subject to change with new information)?" because everybody's predictions are subject to change with new information around this time of year which makes me want to shoot flaming arrows at all of them. I have reached the end of my pre-draft rumors rope. Have you noticed?

Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com runs through the Texans' history of trades in the draft. The only one involving a first-round pick was when the Texans traded the 18th pick with the Ravens to move down to 26 and take left tackle Duane Brown. The Ravens took Joe Flacco with that pick.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle ranks the Texans' draft picks. All of them. He ranks Sam Montgomery last -- number 101 -- and Andre Johnson first. McClain ranks J.J. Watt as the second best draft pick in franchise history. I can't argue with that.