The Texans' offseason installation schedule

You'll learn a lot more about a lot of these players once pads go on and real hitting starts. Right now, while the Texans are in shorts, the main objective is learning the systems their new coaches are teaching them.

Over the weekend, the Texans' coaching staff looked back over the work it had done, what the players were able to process and how their learning had gone. The plan after the first week of organized team activities was to regroup and alter the installation schedule if necessary. They found that it wasn't necessary.

"We felt like the guys were picking it up pretty well, especially the veterans and that the rookies were going to have to catch up," coach Bill O'Brien said Monday after practice. "Which is pretty much the case everywhere in the NFL we feel like we’re on the right track.

"... We try to stay on an installation schedule based on field position or situational football or whatever it might be. So there’s kind of a theme for each day."

Following is the schedule, as laid out by O'Brien today:

  • Week 1 of organized team activities (last week): First and second down

  • Week 2 of OTAs (this week): First, second and third down. Being backed up. Red zone. They'll work on five-man protections against different blitzes.

  • Week 3 of OTAs (next week): More red zone. Two-minute offense, four-minute offense.

  • Mandatory minicamp: Everything they've learned during the voluntary portions put together.