Texans will practice with Broncos, Falcons

It's been a while since the Houston Texans have done this, but this year they'll break the monotony of training camp twice by working with another team.

Prior to their Week 2 home preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons, they'll host Atlanta on Wednesday, Aug. 13 and Thursday, Aug. 14. The following week, before their Week 3 preseason game, the Texans will travel to Colorado for three joint practices at the Broncos’ facility in Englewood, Colorado, beginning Tuesday, Aug. 19 and going through Thursday, Aug. 21.

The last time the Texans did this was back in 2010. From 2008 to 2010, they held joint practices with the Saints before preseason games against New Orleans.

The practices are a good way to get a better gauge on where you are as a team. There's only so much you can learn practicing against your own teammates who get to the point of knowing all of your tendencies and memorizing your plays.

Training camp can also get dull -- for everyone. I love this as a way to spice things up.