RTC: Game previews and Xs and Os

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

We've got a hodgepodge of stories today from some of the usuals. Let's get to it.

John Harris goes into the Xs and Os of the 3-4 defense and the different receiver positions for the Texans' official website. On the differences between types of 3-4 schemes, Harris said: "It's kind of like having a Ford Mustang, and having a Ford Escape. They're all Fords, but they're going to look completely different." It's a good series they'll continue through the week.

Fan blogger extraordinaire Steph Stradley teamed up with the Washington Post for an admittedly way too early Q&A about the Texans' season-opening game against Washington. I enjoyed this exchange:

Keith: There’s an attitude among some Redskins fans that last year’s 3-13 team was not a bad one so much as a talented group that let a promising season go uncharacteristically awry. A new coach and an active offseason wipe the slate clean. Consequently, when this year’s schedule came out, 87% of 3,525 users who voted in a poll we ran saw the Texans game as a Week 1 win, and 94% saw the Jaguars as a win in Week 2. That seems presumptous for a team that lost 13 games, but with a new coach and the Redskins and Raiders as their first two opponents, fans of last year’s 2-14 Texans could take a similar view. Have you detected any sense that the Redskins are an ideal team to open up against, or a team Houston fans feel the Texans should beat?

Steph: Your first two sentences could be exactly the same for the Texans if you changed the names, and switched the record to 2-14. Both Houston and Washington are undergoing the de-Shanahaning of their offenses. The process of doing that makes both teams hard to judge going into the season.

CSNHouston.com's Dave Zangaro continues a look at training camp battles with slot corners. Brice McCain served as the Texans' slot corner last season, but has since been released.