Lechler on Ray Guy's induction: About time

HOUSTON -- Ray Guy's induction into the Hall of Fame drew a gaggle of punters -- 18 according to the New York Times -- to support the first pure punter ever inducted.

Houston Texans' punter Shane Lechler, one of the best to ever play the position, watched with pride.

"I thought Ray did a heck of a job," Lechler said. "It was kind of neat to see a lot of the other punters there supporting him. I was proud of Ray. I thought he did real good. You know, about time."

Specialists don't get much love there -- only one kicker has been inducted. In Guy's induction speech, he spoke about the Hall of Fame finally having a complete team.

"He waited his time, way past due for him," Lechler said. "He kind of put us on the map as far as punters and the position. They drafted him in 1973 in the first round and he went 14 years in Oakland. I’ve known Ray for a while, I’ve worked some of his camps. He is a good person, good man. I thought he did a great job on his speech and I’m really proud of him."