RTC: Texans QBs stay in order

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Texans coach Bill O'Brien took a bit of an unconventional route with playing time for his quarterbacks this weekend against the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan Fitzpatrick started the game, then left early for rookie Tom Savage. Fitzpatrick returned for a quick two-minute drill type situation and then Case Keenum finally went in as the last quarterback in the game. Normally, you have your second-team quarterback go into the game second. That gives him a chance to face second-team opponents, or even some starters. O'Brien said Keenum is still the Texans' second-string quarterback, a little bit ahead of Savage, writes Dave Zangaro of CSNHouston.com. He did not tell Savage ahead of time that he'd be getting second-team reps, instead surprising him with the news to see how he handled the pressure. O'Brien also talked about this being a bounce-back game for Fitzpatrick.

The order of the quarterbacks did not please Chris Baldwin of Houston Culture Map.

The contributions of rookies in Saturday night's game should not be overlooked, says John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. From first overall pick Jadeveon Clowney to undrafted free agent pickup Anthony Denham, who made an important special teams play. Denham, by the way, has a personal story that will make you want to root for him.

The Chronicle's Brian T. Smith reviews O'Brien's Sunday press conference here, starting with the notion that the Texans were "juiced up" ready to avenge their blowout preseason-opening loss. In a way, the Texans got the best of both worlds. They got an early, wake-up-call thumping in a game whose final result doesn't really count.