Why Rams wanted Case Keenum back

PHOENIX -- When the Houston Texans were in dire need of a quarterback, they went back to an old well.

Case Keenum, sitting on the St. Louis Rams practice squad, proved to be just what they needed -- a quarterback familiar with their offense who could manage it well enough for the Texans to win their final two games. Keenum's performance impressed the Texans, but not enough to keep them from signing both Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer in free agency. They then traded Keenum to the Rams, gaining a seventh-round pick and giving Keenum a chance with a team that had a less crowded quarterback room.

Here's what Rams coach Jeff Fisher said Wednesday of Keenum:

"We really liked Case and he was making progress. He didn't get the opportunity I think he would have liked from a practice standpoint because he was our third and usually the third doesn't get [reps] but he'd stay out after every practice and worked. But when Rick [Smith, Texans GM] called [during the season], obviously they needed a quarterback and it became difficult on them and he knew the system and Case was really going back to an offensive system that you could plug [him] in and play right away. So the season is over and we gave him a call."

Was he surprised Keenum won two games at end of year?

"Wasn't surprised at all," Fisher said.