Houston Texans: Dan Pastorini

The Texans' schedule is favorable this season. They have the benefit of playing a last-place schedule, rather than the brutal first-place schedule they played in 2013. Their NFC matchup is also kinder -- the NFC East instead of the daunting NFC West. But the month before their bye week could prove to be a serious barometer. These things always change during the season, but, as it appears right now, that is the toughest part of the Texans' schedule -- and it will include two division games. They'll face the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans and fast-paced Philadelphia Eagles. However that stretch goes, the Texans' will go into their bye week with plenty of time to think about it.

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HOUSTON -- Asked about the tribute planned for his late father during Sunday night's game, Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips was overcome with emotion.

W. Phillips
He didn't know that was happening.

"Don't get me going there," Phillips said. "It goes in waves. I appreciate that if they are doing that."

The tribute will occur after the first quarter against the Indianapolis Colts. In honor of Bum Phillips, the Texans will have former Oilers Mike Barber and Dan Pastorini come out of the tunnel pre-game as honorary captains.

Houston's Lakewood Church, headed by Joel Osteen, held a memorial service Tuesday evening for Bum Phillips. The memorial and the fact that several players attended meant a lot to his son.

"It really helped our family and everybody," Wade Phillips said. "It's not something that you get over quickly. It's a club you don't want to be in but a lot of people have. We had a tribute the other night and that was really special for us. This game will be special for me too."

He also expects the game to be a lot of fun. It is the family business, after all.

Said Wade: "We're going to have fire coming out of our backsides."