Reggie Wayne interested in beating Peyton Manning, not reminiscing about him

INDIANAPOLIS - Just as Andrew Luck had no interest in making Sunday’s playoff game about himself and Peyton Manning, Colts receiver Reggie Wayne was not interested in talking his memories of playing with Manning.

It’s nothing personal against Manning, because he and Wayne were teammates for 11 seasons, but Wayne's focus is strictly on trying to beat the Broncos on Sunday.

“I could tell you about Andrew Luck; that sticks out,” Wayne said. “[Manning's] on the other team right now. I’ll holler at him later. Right now, it’s all about [No.] 12.”

Wayne did soften up a little bit about Manning. He was asked if it’s still weird seeing Manning in another team’s uniform. Manning is in his third season with the Broncos.

“Not no more. It’s probably more strange seeing all these Papa John’s commercials,” Wayne said. “I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve had so many friends come and go and play for other teams. As a professional football player, that’s part of the game. That happens, happens pretty frequently. You get used to it, man. When you sign your name on that line on that contract, at any point in time, anything can happen.

“Things can change. That was something nobody ever thought would happen, but it happened. You still suit up and play no matter what’s at stake. You go out there and you play. You’ve still got each other’s phone numbers. You can still text message, call and talk to him later.”

Wayne told a story about how he caught passes from Wayne during the 2012 offseason while the quarterback was working his way back from his neck injury. Manning reached out Wayne to return the favor last offseason as the receiver was working his way back from a torn ACL.

“I appreciate that, man,” Wayne said. “Peyton’s a good guy, man. He’s a good teammate. He’s a good person, even though he didn’t come throw to me, but it’s all good.”