Matt Forte doesn't fit what Colts are looking for in next RB

Running back Matt Forte put out a message Friday that said the Chicago Bears did not plan to bring him back next season. Forte plans to continue his NFL career, but where? Nobody knows yet. So of course that led to some fans getting excited wondering if their favorite team would be a good fit for a player who rushed for 8,602 yards and 64 touchdowns while in Chicago.

Mike Wells: It's unlikely that Forte is on the Indianapolis Colts' radar. Indianapolis already has a running back over the age of 30 in Frank Gore, and while the Colts want to get younger at that position, getting just three years younger isn't the answer. Indianapolis found out with some of its players last season what happens when you attempt to have short-term fixes on the roster with players over the age of 30. Gore, who turns 33 years old in May, is expected to be the Colts' primary running back again next season after he rushed for 967 yards despite having a poor offensive line in front of him last season. The Colts would ideally like to lighten Gore's load -- he had 227 more carries than his next closest teammate -- while also setting up that backup player to potentially replace Gore as the starting running back at some point. The problem is the Colts have yet to find that player. Josh Robinson, who was the team's sixth-round pick in last year's draft, will get another shot at getting some carries next season. His rookie season was filled with such disappointing play that he ended up on the practice squad despite the need for a backup for Gore.