Tony Dungy's Hall of Fame announcement caught on video

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy had to wait until the third try before he was voted into Pro Football Hall of Fame. But that moment, which occurred Feb. 6, was caught on video by the team's website.

Dungy appeared to be in a hotel room when he received a knock on the door from an official who notified him of the news.

"It is my great pleasure to tell you and welcome you, because you're going to Canton. God bless you, coach," the official said.

Plenty of screams of excitement could be heard in the background from family members after Dungy was informed of the news.

But Tony Dungy being Tony Dungy, turned his attention to former Colts receiver Marvin Harrison.

“Can you tell me who else?” Dungy asked.

“Marv made it,” the official said.

“So happy for Marvin,” Dungy responded.

Dungy and Harrison will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Aug. 6 in Canton, Ohio.