Ex-Colts LB Jerrell Freeman on Coby Fleener: 'I despise guys like that'

Linebacker Jerrell Freeman on tight end Coby Fleener's comments that some Colts players were "along for the ride" last season: "... he must’ve been looking in the mirror when he did the interview." Jason Getz/USA TODAY Sports

INDINAPOLIS -- It’s probably a good thing Coby Fleener and Jerrell Freeman are no longer teammates, because there likely would be some tension between the two inside the Indianapolis Colts locker room.

Freeman, who signed a three-year, $12 million contract with the Chicago Bears on Saturday, responded to Fleener’s comments about some of his former teammates being "along for the ride" during the Colts’ 8-8 2015 season.

"Fleener, he didn’t have the (guts)," Freeman said via text message to WTHR.com. "That (expletive) pisses me off. And he must’ve been looking in the mirror when he did the interview.

"I despise guys like that. That’s what little girls do, talk about you when you’re not around. I’m a grown man. If I see something I don’t like, I’m going to go have a face-to-face convo with that player/players and we are going to get an understanding! I feel like I had a hand in building what’s over there (in Indianapolis), so he’s (expletive) on me, too.

That’s a (expletive) move."

Here’s a recap of what caused Freeman to sound off on Fleener.

Fleener, who signed a five-year, $36 million contract with the New Orleans Saints, was asked by Saints reporters about last season’s struggles with the Colts during a conference call late last week.

"I think it’s one of those situations where it really reveals character," Fleener said. "The guys that kept fighting through it -- knowing that we may not have our star quarterback on the field but we still have a chance to win the game -- those are the guys you want kind of in your corner. And the other guys, it becomes pretty apparent that they’re along for the ride."

Fleener’s comments were surprising, because the Colts consistently talked about staying together during their most trying season since 2011. Quarterback Andrew Luck missed nine games because of injuries and coach Chuck Pagano’s job status was an ongoing saga throughout the season.

Freeman and Fleener won’t get to settle things on the field next season, because the Bears and Saints do not play each other.