10 key plays to the Colts' season: No. 1

It was only fitting that the Indianapolis Colts' final victory of the 2013 season was a comeback. There’s no other way it could happen.

But not many thought Andrew Luck would lead the Colts to their seventh victory after trailing by double digits. Not when they were trailing the Kansas City Chiefs by 28 points in the third quarter of their wild-card playoff game. Not when Luck was throwing interception after interception. But as they've proven the past two seasons, the Colts didn’t let a deficit too big or too small stop them.

Key play No. 1: The comeback of all comebacks

The Colts trailed by 28 points and Luck had thrown three interceptions, but the second-year quarterback wouldn’t let his teammates throw in the towel on their season.

"He kept telling us, even at 38-10, 'We're going to win this game,'" offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo said.

You would think that Luck had been hit too many times hearing that comment if he didn’t have the track record to back it up.

The Colts capped off the second-largest comeback in playoff history when Luck stepped up in the pocket and found receiver T.Y. Hilton, who got behind two Kansas City defenders, for a 64-yard touchdown with fewer than five minutes left in the game.

"He's a second-year guy, so technically he's still a kid in the league, but he plays like a grown man," Colts linebacker Robert Mathis said. "As long as we have [No.] 12, we have a chance."