Hakeem Nicks won't wear Harrison's No. 88


INDIANAPOLIS -- New Indianapolis Colts receiver Hakeem Nicks wore the No. 88 jersey during the first five years of his NFL career with the New York Giants. Nicks knew there was a significant possibility that he wouldn't be able to wear that number once he signed with the Colts because likely future Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison wore it during his 13-year career on the team.

Nicks will wear No. 14 with the Colts next season.

"It's got some symbolism in it," he said. "It wasn't easy letting those eights go but I respect the situation. My birthday is 1-14-88, so I went from 88 to 14. My daughter picked that number, too, so that's good."

The Colts are hoping for the same type of production Nicks had early in his career with the Giants in what should be a very good offense next season.

"That's like my brother," Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw, a former Giants teammate said. "We've been through a lot together. We won a championship together and just to have him out there I just know that things will be easier for us in the backfield, as for (quarterback) Andrew (Luck) and the rest of the team."