RTC: Marvin Harrison talks about shooting

Here's Tuesday's Colts Reading the Coverage. ...

  • Mike Chappell, longtime Colts beat writer at the Indy Star, caught up with Marvin Harrison to get his side of the story following a shooting in Philadelphia over the weekend. Harrison helped a man who ran out of his apartment after two masked men entered it. "I didn't do anything but drive my car, pick a guy up and call 911," Harrison said. "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time for this person. The unfortunate part is things are coming out negative. I had nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing to do with it. I was just driving, minding my own business.''

  • Chappell continues his offseason profiles of former Colts with offensive lineman Tony Mandarich. He had issues with alcohol and painkillers and eventually retired at the age of 32. "I had two transitions," Mandarich said of his NFL career. "I had the Green Bay transition from pro football to the real world, which was an absolute train wreck. Most of that was because of the alcoholism and the pain-killer addiction. I got sober and was fortunate enough to get another opportunity with the Colts."

  • Kevin Bowen of Colts.com has a story on receiver T.Y. Hilton and the progress he's made after just two seasons in the NFL. Hilton has 10 100-yard receiving games during his first two seasons, which are the second most in league history since 1960. “His speed, in and out of his breaks, his knowledge of this offense after being in this offense for a year, just his good energy that he brings to this team,” fellow receiver Hakeem Nicks said. “Being in situations like that, guys cause some attention, cause more attention so they open other guys up. This receiver corps is pretty deep. You focus on taking one guy out and another guy can get you do. I think we got a group that you have to play honest.”