Colts' Chuck Pagano plans to play starters against Titans

INDIANAPOLIS -- You don't have to worry about Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano resting any of his starters in Sunday's regular-season finale at Tennessee on Sunday (1 p.m. ET, CBS). Pagano plans to play all his healthy starters against the Titans.

It's a good move because the Colts aren't in a position to rest their starters considering how they've played over the past month.

"You want to go down there and you want to play well," Pagano said. "You want to win a football game. You want to compete. We've got to play better obviously than we played yesterday. You want to have momentum going into the playoffs and the only way I know to do that is to go down there and play well and try to win a football game. So that's what we'll prepare for."

The Colts are 4-1 in their last five games. The wins are nice and all, but their overall production on the field is nothing to be proud of heading into the playoffs.

They've committed 15 turnovers in the past five games, the offensive line is dealing with injuries and not blocking well, they ran for a total of one yard against the Cowboys and the defense isn't ready to face a pocket passer in the playoffs.

Those things are reason enough for Pagano to play his starters against the Titans.

"You want to go in feeling good about yourself," the Colts' coach said. "Nobody wants to go through a day like we went through [Sunday]. But you've got to bounce back and you've got to keep moving forward. We better prepare, we better practice and do the right things, try to clean up what we can clean up in a short amount of time and go play well and come out of that game hopefully with a win and try to get your mojo back and get feeling good about yourself. That's obvious. Hopefully we'll get some guys back. Definitely you'd love to go in on a winning note."